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R4 v1.14 kernel
R4 v1.14 kernel
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How to update R4DS?
After downloading and decompressing the new updated files, there will be one shell folder and two files _DS_MENU.DAT、 _DS_MSHL.NDS.Copy these files to the root directory of TF card to replace the former files

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Wood R4 1.56 Kernel Download

Size:1.16 MB
Updated Date:25th-Dec-2012
Version: 1.56
Type: .rar, .7z
Instructions:Wood R4 V1.56 Kernel

Download Wood R4 Kernel

Wood R4 installation,Wood R4 Setup Manual

Change Log (Wood R4 V1.56)

-RTS has been added into Wood R4 V1.56.
RTS instructions:
The speed and the sector size of tf card decide the speed of RTS.
In order to make use of rts,you'd better format your tf card with sector size bigger than 8KB.
First of all, you need make rts on by clicking start menu and choose setting.
Just find "rts" and turn it on.
In the game, you need hot-softreset key and you can get rts menu.
(Note:Normally It might take a while (5~15 seconds) during the save and load game...)

Interface overview:
Download Address:

Wood R4 1.56 Kernel (.7z): Download (1.16MB)

Wood R4 1.56 Kernel (.rar): Download (2.54MB)

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