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R4 v1.14 kernel
R4 v1.14 kernel
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How to update R4DS?
After downloading and decompressing the new updated files, there will be one shell folder and two files _DS_MENU.DAT、 _DS_MSHL.NDS.Copy these files to the root directory of TF card to replace the former files

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Wood R4 V1.43 Kernel Download

Size:1.65 MB
Updated Date:14th-Jan-2012
Version: 1.43
Instructions:Wood R4 V1.43 Kernel

Wood R4 Firmware was updated into V1.43 for R4DS users on Jan 14th, 2012. Download Wood R4 and enjoy DS games with Wood Firmware.

Download Wood R4 Kernel

Wood R4 installation,Wood R4 Setup Manual

- last launched rom selected after restart.

Change log (Wood R4 V1.43):

'tinker bell + tinker bell and the lost treasure (europe)' fixed.
'call of duty - black ops (europe) (es,it)' fixed.
'bakuman mangaka e no michi (japan)' fixed.
'fab style (japan)' fixed.
'maplestory ds (japan)' fixed.
'rpg tkool ds+ (japan)' fixed.
'cars 2 (japan)' fixed.
'crafting mama (japan)' fixed.
'kaizoku sentai gokaiger atsumete henshin! 35 sentai! (japan)' fixed.
'korg ds-10+ synthesizer (japan)' fixed.
'ore-sama kingdom koi no manga mo debut o mokushise (japan)' fixed.
'toy story 3 (japan)' fixed.
'kuma no pooh-san 100 acre no mori no cooking book (japan)' fixed.
'5-kyuu kara 1-kyuu kanzen taiou saikin kako mondai - nijishiken taisaku - eiken kanzenban (japan)' fixed.
'gokujou mecha mote iinchou mm my best friend (japan)' fixed.
'byoutai seiri ds - image dekiru! shikkan, shoujou to care (japan)' fixed.
'kaibou seirigaku ds - touch de hirogaru! jintai no kouzou to kinou (japan) (rev 2)' fixed.
'shoukou shindan training ds (japan)' fixed.
'shin noukyou iku' fixed.
'yamakawa shuppansha kanshuu - shousetsu nihonshi b - shin sougou training plus (japan)' fixed.
'yamakawa shuppansha kanshuu - shousetsu sekaishi b - shin sougou training plus (japan)' fixed.
'suisui physical assessment training ds (japan)' fixed.
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Wood R4 V1.43 Kernel: Download
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