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How to update R4?
After downloading and decompressing the new updated files, there will be one shell folder and two files _DS_MENU.DAT、 _DS_MSHL.NDS.Copy these files to the root directory of TF card to replace the former files

R4 Software
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Wood R4 v1.62 Kernel Released 12th-Aug-2013 Download
Change log (v1.62):
- 'smurfs 2, the (europe)' fixed.
- 'smurfs 2, the (usa)' fixed.
r4i specific:
- fixed sound restoring in many games.
- fixed bug that cause freeze after leaving rts menu in following games:
disney friends
simpsons game, the

Wood R4 v1.61 Kernel Released 10th-Jul-2013 Download

Update R4DS V1.18 Kernel 2008-04-24
1)Solved 2203, 2219, 2240, 2250 problem

Update R4DS V1.17 Kernel 2008-03-18
1)Solved the brightness problem after soft-resetting
2)Solved 2107 the "Thanks" problem
3)Solved 2110 problem

Update R4DS V1.16 kernel 2008-02-19
1)Solved the 1958 problem

R4DS Official Action Replay List

R4DS User's Manual

R4 Kernel Download

10 - R4 DS V1.18 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2008-04-24

9 - R4 DS V1.17 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2008-03-18

8 - R4 DS V1.16 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2008-02-19

7 - R4 DS V1.15 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2008-01-08

6 - R4 DS V1.14 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2007-12-19

5 - R4 DS V1.13 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2007-12-07

4 - R4 DS V1.12 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2007-11-21

3- R4 DS V1.11 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2007-07-30

2- R4 DS V1.10 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2007-06-20

1- R4 DS V1.09 Kernel (English /French /Korean) 2007-05-21

Wood R4 Kernel Download

14- Wood R4 V1.62 Download 12th-Aug-2013

13- Wood R4 V1.61 Download 10th-Jul-2013

12- Wood R4 V1.58 Download 21st-Apr-2013

11- Wood R4 V1.57 Download 12th-Mar-2013

10- Wood R4 V1.56 Download 25th-Dec-2012

9- Wood R4 V1.55 Download 15th-Dec-2012

8- Wood R4 V1.54 Download 1st-Nov-2012

7- Wood R4 V1.53 Download 10th-Oct-2012

6- Wood R4 V1.52 Download 19th-Sep-2012

5- Wood R4 V1.51 Download 21st-Aug-2012

4- Wood R4 V1.50 Download 21st-Jul-2012

3- Wood R4 V1.49 Download 21st-Jun-2012

2- Wood R4 V1.48 Download 20th-May-2012

1- Wood R4 V1.47 Download 20th-Apr-2012

Wood R4 installation,Wood R4 Setup Manual

R4 Software

8- R4 DS ROM Trimmer V2.0 2007-07-31

7- R4 DS V1.02 cheat code database 2007-05-21

6- R4 DS Cheat code editor V1.01 2007-05-21

5- Moonshell V1.71 for R4

4- R4 DIY Skin

3-Imgview0.6 for R4

2- R4 DS IO Interface

1- R4 DS Archive Conversion

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